About our Dyno

Our products are "Dyno tested" on our MD500 chassis dynamometer which can measure up to 1,500 hp and test to speeds up to 190 mph.  MD Mustang is the dynamometer of choice for serious performance tuners and aftermarket product developers by giving true AFR readings (the real tuners needs to know this for the proper tune) with a Y band sensor that mounts directly to the coupler in the headers and utilizes the most advanced computer software around. Other dyno’s don't compare and can give higher horsepower readings to impress customers. But if the power you thought you found on your dyno wasn't based on actual real-world loading, then it won't be there when you need it at the track. The best tuners and power product developers in the world know the facts - Mustang Dynamometer is the most accurate and reliable dyno because it provides real-world loading and precise control. “Remember if you go to a tuner who sticks coat hangers in your mufflers, this is not a performance tuner this is a tuner that’s want to show big numbers to impress his customers”.



Not only can our Dyno be used in the shop, but on the road also.  We trailer it around to different events all over the country in our 48 foot trailer that also houses our GT Car, the Track Warrior.

Our Dyno has been to many hot shows including:  Bowling Green, Bloomington Gold, Route 66, NCRS Orlando, Autofest2000, Mid-America's funfest and more. In 2000 we had our Dyno at the Corvette birthday bash in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Corvette Forum's Cruise in Bowling Green, Bloomington, Carlisle, and Englishtown. Call us for events near you.

If you know of any high profile events you think the DYNO should be, or should you need more information regarding our services at future shows, let us know. You can contact us at Breathless Racing, and we will get back to you as soon as we can, because you are important to us.

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