Corvette C5 Vortex Ram Induction Air Intake 01-04 Black


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The Vortex Rammer Kit replaces the restrictive stock air box assembly. Look closely at the filter and note that this is not the K&N filter that everyone sells. This revolutionary air cleaner contains an internal vortex velocity stack. It obtains cool, pressurized air from the radiator cavity through your modified shroud. The specially designed scoop then forces it into the rammer sealed box, where in turn, it directly injects cold air into your intake.

To the left is the black Vortex Rammer box with air filter. Under that is the clear box installed in a C5 Corvette.


These air boxes are available in BLACK ONLY & the Bridges are in Carbon Fiber ONLY & sold separately.

Item 100-218(B)  97-2000 Black  Box $250.00     

Item 100-2001(B)  01-2004 Black Box $250.00

Carbon fiber Air Bridge C5 $330.00

Bridge Sold Separately

We no longer do the logo on them

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