Corvette C6 4 Tip Custom Diffuser


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For drag we perform coast down runs for each setting. Without the above we can only calculate approximate performance levels of each element. IE: front adjustable splitter, rear wing and diffuser. Lap times don’t lie.

Using the formula F= Cl * area we arrive at 3psi for the diffuser which is a total of 480 lbs down force @ 170mph ideally if we were to maintain 2.5“ ground clearance on a smooth track on a standard day. Since the rear ride height is more than that, we have a + rake situation which in itself causes down force because of the ’Wedge effect”. The area and ramp profiles were determined by the space available and no NACA tables were consulted.

The primary reason for the design was to address the unsightly mess Corvette has created at the bottom of the rear valence. Imagine the ZR1 supercar with back up lamps on a fake plastic diffuser. Shucks, this is what we expect from the orient for little city cars. What self respecting V8 has four ugly pipes?

Although it accomplishes the appropriate ’Bling Bling‘ effect, our diffuser also function as designed. If you have all the other necessary elements in place. IE, A proper floor feeder system, droop limits on the rear suspension, ability to adjust total center of pressure, (splitter and rear wing) you will be further able to exploit our new product.

We also have a side feed entry as on the Ferrari Enzo, so we don’t get the full suction peak at entry and the second peak is located at the rear axle. This is because the engine heat is managed down the centre of the car and exits at the opening of the exhaust pipes. This precludes us having a full ’closed in’ floor which would improve the efficiencly of the diffuser considerably.

Our rear wing is designed for engine heat exit over the top of the car as in the factory C6R GT1 cars after which it was designed. There is never the less diffuser energy augmentation caused by the end plates on this design. Since this car is also driven on the street and is used for our product promotion, we elected not to go with a full race car package.

To calculate approximate down force at other speeds at the diffuser we know that lift increases at the square of the velocity. At 75mph we would have 100lbs down force.

With this installation for the street on a stock C6, you will improve your gas mileage at highway speeds because the diffuser allows the air traveling underneath the car a place to expand and decelerate back to road speed as well as providing wake infill. IE: It will reduce total drag.


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