2010 + Camaro Adjustable Coilovers
2010 + Camaro Adjustable Coilovers

2010 + Camaro Adjustable Coilovers

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Developing the highest performance Camaro Coilover System on the market required almost a year of research and development. Countless hours at road courses, run-after-run at the drag strip, hundreds of autocross runs, skid pad testing, slalom testing, cold weather testing, corrosion testing, durability testing… well, you get the picture. The result of all our engineering is a coilover system for the 2010 Camaro that combines 1.5 inches of ride height flexibility, 20-clicks of damping adjustment and a long list of technical features which combine to give incredible road holding ability with unmatched ride quality.


In early testing we found an unacceptable amount of deflection in traditional non-inverted front struts. To minimize this deflection we have inverted the front strut and instead of using the shock shaft to carry the cornering loads we now use the large diameter shock body. The shock body’s large diameter is much more capable with dealing with high bending loads from cornering with far less deflection. Once the shock shaft was not subjected to these bending loads its diameter could be reduced and more importantly it’s mass. Camaro Inverted Strut Comparison One other major problem with this bending load on traditional struts is the friction that is induced from the side loading through the shaft. Again, this problem is eliminated with our inverted design. The inverted design in both the front and rear coilover is also responsible for the systems low un-sprung mass which enhances the suspensions ability to follow the contour of the road thus increases traction.
In the figure to the right you can see the differences between a standard strut and our inverted strut. The blue parts are attached to the chassis while the red parts move with the wheel.

Both the front and rear shocks in the Pfadt 2010 Camaro Coilovers utilize a mono-tube, inverted design with a floating piston to separate the shock fluid from the pressurized nitrogen. This arrangement gives our coilovers their relentless consistency from the moment you roll onto the race track to the moment you take the checked flag.

One of the benefits of moving to a coilover system is the ride height flexibility coilovers offer. The Pfadt Camaro Coilovers are no exception with ride height adjustability from factory height to 1.5 inches lower.
Lowered Camaro on Pfadt Coilovers Lowered Camaro on Pfadt Coilovers Lowered Camaro on Pfadt Coilovers

We understand that the needs of each Camaro owner are different. We have gone to great lengths to engineer our coilovers to be multi-purpose to suit your performance needs while offering superior ride quality. For instance, both the front and rear shocks feature adjustable damping that can be accessed through a large, click knob at the bottom of each coilover. This easy-to-access, 20 click damping adjuster means that you can quickly and easily adjust the dynamics of the car to suit your drive to work, a neck snapping drag launch or the chicane at Laguna Seca.

Another example of the Pfadt Coilover flexibility is the ability to use common motorsport springs in both the front and rear. While many other coilovers on the market demand the use of custom wound springs, which limits you to a limited number of spring rates, our system has hundreds of spring rates available in 25 lb/in increments. We have developed a spring rate combination that will work for most people, but the flexibility is there for those that need it. Standard rates are 275 lbs/in Front and 500 lbs/in Rear.

Part of the reason we can use standard sized race springs is our innovation in mounting the rear coilover. The factory uses a rubber mount for the shock shaft and a separate spring seat which takes a specific spring. Many other companies use this same arrangement and it is the reason spring rates are limited. Our system inverts the rear shock and integrates the shock and spring mount. This allows the use of standard springs and provides a smooth and low friction mounting system.


With all of this adjustability it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, we have recommended starting points for many different conditions to quickly get you dominating the competition and enjoying your commute home from work.



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