Winning doesn’t come easy.
What does it take to win 7 championships in a row?

Dedication, Persistence, Commitment, Passion, Teamwork,
Devotion, Determination, A Hunger To Win!

Congratulations Ernie Francis Jr on another Trans Am Championship

That makes 7 consecutive!

" Winning doesn’t come easy… Anticipating the adrenaline rush in motorsports that every racer shares….. The desire of being the first to take a checkered flag for the victory…..Breathless Pro Racing provides the knowledge and resources for every driver to reach their maximum potential on the track. Dedication, persistence, commitment, passion, teamwork, devotion, determination and a hunger to win are all the components that make Breathless Pro Racing a championship winning team."

From choosing your race car  or renting one of ours, to proper  setup and all necessary coaching,  we can get you ready for the  track quick! We provide track support for all skill levels.

This team is a family