Sebring SCCA Majors Race 1/15-1/17

The Breathless team started off the year in Sebring. The competition was tough but that’s when we thrive. There is much work to do this year, but we are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep winning. Big goals and very exciting things happening this season. Great start!

Sebring Trans-Am Championship 2/19-2/21

The anticipation was brutal! But Sebring 2021 finally came and it didn’t disappoint. Although the team got soaked on Friday after a brief rain shower…Saturday and Sunday’s weather was perfect for racing, a chili 70 degrees with clear sunny skies. And racing we did! Ernie Francis Jr. set a new track record for fastest lap, previously held by himself. Breathless racer Oscar Téran also hit the track and showed off his talents with his flawless driving. This year both racers got new car colors and the heads were turning! The crew, like always, performed great. They worked tirelessly to get the racers in the best position to get the W. We are super proud of them. Couldn’t have asked for a better start, and it will only get better from here!

Atlanta Trans-Am Championship 3/26-3/28

Busy weekend at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. However, everyone at Breathless is very proud of all our drivers who did a great job despite much rain….

Future Star Racing driver Ernie Ty Francis Jr. led most of the race with the #98 Breathless Racing Team’s Future Star Racing car. He led most of the laps and was clearly the dominant car, but with 5 laps to go, a puncture in a rear tire losing air caused him to give up the lead but still managed to bring home a 2nd place win. Congrats to Boris Said for a strong competitive run! This weekend’s results has nonetheless contributed to a strong lead in TA championship points.

Ernie Francis Jr. also performed very well in the Future Star Racing FR car as he has had barely any seat time and is already very competitive in the top 5 with his times.

Oscar Teran in his # 3 Ford Mustang performed incredibly as his first time at Road Atlanta. He raced very competitively among other top drivers familiar with the circuit finishing an impressive 6th and leading in the ProAm championship points. Great job to Lance Ausec and Joe Moholland for racing their Corvettes in SVRA…..

Laguna Seca Trans-Am Championship 4/30-5/2

Our expectations were beyond high for Laguna Seca. But once again, the amount of fun we had this past weekend proved they weren’t high enough. The whole breathless team had a blast! 💥 We had great California weather with breath-taking views. And of course, one hell of a fun track. 

Ernie Francis Jr. had the opportunity to compete at this event and like always, he did amazing! In the practice session he finished 1st with the fastest lap time 💨 (1:25:312). He killed it in qualifying as well, with a second place finish and a blazing fast lap time of 1:24:677 . However, the official race didn’t quite go our way. While following close behind the 1st place guy, on the 14th lap, Ernie’s car sustained rear axle failure. This unfortunate event took us out of the race. But in Francis Jr’s words “this has happened to us before and we know how to come back from it.” YES WE WILL! 

Everyone on the team over-delivered like always and we’re super proud. Next up is Lime Rock, and everyone better believe WE. WILL. BE. READY! 😎