BPP Signature Series Bassani Dual Exhaust Cat Back System

BPP Signature Series Bassani Dual Exhaust Cat Back System

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Breathless Performance Signature Series Bassani Dual Exhaust for the H2 Hummer was designed to give a deep powerful tone without sacrificing cabin noise resonance. Flow is greatly increase which in turn produces greater horsepower and fuel economy. All this while giving you the awesome tough look of the dual Stainless Steel tips, one tip at each end of the H2.  The entire system is made of stainless steel. Don't be fooled by the others that offer you a muffler shop type bend in the pipes which result in crimped tubes that reduce flow. Our system is all mandrel bent with state of the art equipment and has a lifetime warranty.
If you’re an enthusiast who demands the best, we design, test and manufacture the ultimate in high performance exhaust systems.

In fact, the name Bassani has been recognized as a leader in specialized exhaust components for more than 30 years. Our performance history dates back to 1969 when we began designing exhaust systems for motorcycles.

We designed and built systems and race components for single and multi-cylinder two-strokes and of course a wide variety of four strokes. Two-valve, four-valve, pushrod, single and double over head cam...you name it. We even modified engines and built exhaust systems for factory teams.

In short, we learned what works and what doesn’t on just about every engine type with just about every bore and stroke ratio engine designers have come up with. We learned how to make maximum horsepower over a broad rpm range without sacrificing torque and making excessive noise. We also perfected the art of fit and cosmetic appearance because on a motorcycle, space is at a premium and you can not hide flaws.


As proof that we have mastered our trade, we routinely make more horsepower and torque than any other manufacturer in direct comparison tests conducted by many major magazines. Although we still design and manufacture motorcycle exhaust systems, we are equally interested in the automotive aftermarket. Car enthusiasts today have a renewed interest in performance. And properly designed exhaust components is the easiest way to significantly improve both performance and fuel economy legally, without voiding the manufacturers warranty.

Quiet Thunder stainless steel mufflers and Quiet Thunder cat back systems for popular performance cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles. In addition, we offer quality performance for street rods, used by professional builders like Jerry Kugel.

Because we’ve always been interested in racing, we also design and manufacture mufflers and exhaust components for competition use. Do they work? You bet. Brian Myers of Anderson Ford Motorsport uses our production long tube headers and X-Pipe on his Mustang and ran 9.839 at 139 mph in the EFI Renegade class at the 16th annual Ford Motorsport Nationals.

We designed and fabricated a unique rear exit system for the worlds fastest door slammer, the Kugel Bonneville Pontiac Trans Am. The Kugel Trans Am is the first production bodied car to break the 300 mph barrier and hold the worlds record at 300.788 mph. Even more impressive, their fastest exit speed on a single pass is 307.468 mph.

Bassani begins the new millennium as a leading exhaust system manufacturer with a very bright future. We are dedicated to offering quality components with the finest technology available. Ford Motor Company (SVT Division) contacted us during the pre-production phase of the Cobra R project. As a result, every Cobra R is delivered from the factory with the Bassani X-Pipe style cat pipe.

We received an invitation from Ford to display our SVT specific products at their inaugural Special Vehicle Team experience in August 2000.

Additionally, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) found in recent tests of aftermarket cat back systems for the 4.7L V8 Toyota Tundra that the Bassani system had twice the horsepower gain of the next best system tested.

Note!! Bassani's dual split exiting tips will not fit H2s with air ride suspension!!!

Bassani's dual one side exiting tips will fit with air ride suspension!!!

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  • Camaro
  • Firebird
  • Smart
  • Cadillac
  • V-Rod
  • Hummer
  • Mercedes Benz
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